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Sexual Harassment: A Cultural Issue

Sexual harassment fills the headlines of our culture and the discussion is long overdue.  It is good that those who’ve been harassed now feel empowered to name those who have perpetrated unwanted advances, groping, and even rape. Let me be clear—a man’s sin is never the fault of a woman. […]

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We Are Sutherland Springs

Not long after the news broke, the questions rolled in to the church office: “Do we have a security detail?” “Do we have a concealed carry policy?” On and on they came. People wanted to know how we would respond—more specifically, what steps we would take to keep that from […]

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Get Off the Bus

When I was seven, my parents put me on a bus with sixth through twelfth graders on their way to Arizona on a mission trip. We had just moved from Phoenix, so I was catching a ride so I could meet up with some family friends and spend some time […]

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The Biggest Influence On Your Child’s Spiritual Health

My wife and I have two teenage daughters at home and two grown kids out of the nest.  We have been evaluating what changed between the first two and the girls at home. Is it generational or are we more laid back? I’m not saying the changes are negative or […]

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How to Appreciate Your Pastor

I’m a preacher’s kid and a friend of pastors. (I am a pastor also, so for this not to be self-serving, understand I am writing from my experience and not for my benefit.) I have seen the very best that ministry offers and I have seen the very worst pictures […]

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An Open Letter to “Thoughts and Prayers”

Dear Thoughts and Prayers, Thank you for being sent from all over by way of Facebook, Twitter, and newscasts. I appreciate you, but if I’m being honest, the comfort that you once might have brought doesn’t really do it for me anymore. Thoughts that don’t lead to action are sympathetic […]

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It seems to me we are too easily divided and incredibly naïve. I’m saddened when I see people I love and respect spew hate and derision towards others simply because they have failed to listen and are carried off by sound bites meant to coax toward a bias. The woman […]

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Rescued by Tragedy

We need tragedy far more than we need prosperity. Prosperity—that rightful pursuit our country is founded upon—most often leads to the flaws in our character or the indulgent passivity that turns to vice or indifference. Tragedy elicits the more noble and heroic characteristics of our composition. As I watch everyday heroes […]


Cyber Narcissism

In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a hunter known for his beauty; but, he disdained those who were attracted to him. Nemesis drew Narcissus to a pool where he looked in, saw his own reflection, and fell in love with it. He couldn’t pull himself away, so he stayed at the […]

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When Both Sides Aren’t to Blame

One daughter burps, the other overreacts with “Gross! You’re sick!,” then the conversation escalates into an all-out cat fight. These scenarios unfold daily in the world where objectivity can look back and see how both sides are to blame. Both escalated the interaction. Both shared in the offense. There are, […]