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It is Finished!

I received a text last night about 8 P.M.  “It is Finished!”  and while these were Jesus’ last words the text was in reference to West Campus.  Jamye Cappadonna was texting to let me know that we are ready for the soft launch; ready to have our first service, ready to open the doors to a new era.  The words were brief and exhilarating but they represent hours of toil and labor.  No one will have put more energy, effort or heart into this venture than Jamye herself.  As she texts “It is Finished” it truly is the words of sacrificial triumph.  As I have watched the last 18 months unfold I have seen her grow in her expertise and diminish in her personal wants and needs.  I have been humbled to watch an individual pursue God’s vision with such abandon and I have been blessed to partner with her these last 20 years.  The words it is finished as we know were only the beginning as Jesus uttered them and for West Campus it is the beginning as well.  The beginning of hope, redemption and healing for life after life and family after family.  Years from now, few will remember the tiny details of heart ache and toil that have been expended in order to launch this Church, in order to meet the needs of this growing city, but in eternity a crown will glisten and display the evidence of life well lived and a job well done.