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Amidst the Noise

I was standing in a busy coffee shop and speaking across the kitchen to the barista who was clarifying my order when someone walked up to me and said, “I thought I heard your voice.”  It was a loud buzz of voices, steam whooshes, clanking and chatter; and yet, somehow in the middle of all the noise someone from across the room had made out my voice.  As I chatted briefly to the very familiar long-time Grace Pointer it struck me how years of listening to my preaching had inclined their ear to be able to hear my voice.

As I walk through the busyness of my day amidst the chatter, clanking and whooshes of the chaotic pace and droning demands, I wonder if I can hear “His” voice.  Have I so learned, heard and inclined my ear that I can make out His voice amidst the noise?

One thought on “Amidst the Noise”

  1. oooh….I love this. makes me realize I need to really make sure I train my ear to hear His voice. A lot of times I feel like I have to strain to hear him, but maybe I just need to tune my ear….

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