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The Biggest Problem in Our City

Recently, on Facebook, I asked: “What is the biggest problem in our city?” It was amazing the number of replies, and the level of engagement. Someone actually commented: “Is this a rational discussion on Facebook? I’ve only heard about these.” The responses ranged from traffic to poverty and homelessness, from selfishness to sex-trafficking and economic and racial divides.

San Antonio, like all major cities, has its share of ills and yet this city, my city, is a wonderful place to call home. San Antonio is culturally diverse and family oriented, with a fascinating history.

john 13I’ve been meeting with five other pastors from around San Antonio to pray for our city. As we read through scripture, two verses from the book of John (13:35 and 17:21) stood out. Scripture tells us if we will love each other well, and be unified the way that Jesus and the Father are unified – the World will believe.

I know it’s idealistic and many have touched on the answer…that it begins in us. But what if we began to tear john 17down walls that exist between other brothers and sisters, between denominations and churches, and just begin to function as the body of Christ? What if we began to pray together as fellow believers and ‘love’ one another in our neighborhoods and work places? What if we took the vitriol of Facebook and put it into actionable love?

I challenge you, the body of Christ, to serve someone in a tangible way this week and report back the effect that love and loving had on our city, even if is just one life in our city.

The biggest problem in the city? Divided followers…also the potential solution.