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Metrics and Vision Casting

METRICS should consist of meaningful numbers that accomplish the VISION and MISSION. Vision Related Metrics = Important numbers for this movement. Mission Related Metrics = Important numbers for our ongoing strategy, process and organization. Meaningful = Numbers that actually matter … or to say another way … affect the outcome […]

Delight of Their Hearts

“You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to […]

Leadership Culture – DNA

Self leadership and resources are intertwined.  In order to create a leadership  culture one must first self lead with regard to resources.  Self leadership must set the standard to “fund the vision.”  Put your money where your heart is.  The key to effective  resource spending is understanding your DNA. Jim […]

Leadership Culture – Stucture

Self leadership in the area of structure is crucial to the development of a healthy culture.  In order to create a leadership culture the leaders must live a lifestyle that fosters leadership.  Leadership cultures attract leaders; bureaucracies drive leaders away.  A leader must bring on those he can entrust to […]

Leadership Culture – Time Management

Self Leadership is painful at times.  Recognizing that for my team, organization, family or business to go beyond where they presently are requires my personal growth is at times intensely challenging.  You must examine the leadership culture in you.  That which you possess will largely sculpt the culture in which […]

The Leadership Compass – The Cost

The third part of your Leadership Compass is the Cost.  This includes Home, Achilles’ Heel and Pace. Avoidance is like relational credit card abuse, just compounding the expense for a future due date.  Time is the currency of values, what’s your ledger reveal? Home: A leader’s home is sacred.  You […]

The Leadership Compass – The Relationship

The Relationship has to do with my relationship to God, myself and others.  There are four areas:  Heart, Vision, Character and People. Heart: Is your heart on fire for what you are doing?  Do you have passion? Vision: Are you clear about where you are headed?  Do you have a […]

The Leadership Compass – The Call

The Call to lead is the fundamental foundation for all effective leadership.  A leader who doesn’t know he has been called to the particular task and location that he is leading is susceptible to burnout, lethargy or using that situation as a springboard to the next opportunity. The Call to […]

Self Leadership

Self Leadership Self leadership is a crucial aspect of leading well.  It is surprising to discover how many leaders spend so little time investing in their own leadership development.  Some leaders who are “naturally” gifted seemingly get away with little or no development, while others plateau almost immediately.  It is […]

Embodying Your Purpose

As we close up our discussion of goals this week, we make the recognition that your perfect day, your ability to be fully engaged in reaching the destination set before you, flows from your purpose, values, and goals. In looking at that, we not only get a sense of our […]