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Black Lives Matter

  Black Lives Matter! Growing up in Texas, as a white person, my mind runs through the blind bias of “don’t all lives matter”? If I had said unborn lives matter! I would get an amen. If I say foster kids matter, again a hearty amen…people readily recognize I am […]

Jail Break

My neighborhood webpage posted an alert discussing two dogs on the loose, complete with a picture of the culprits…that I readily recognized.  Soon after, I received a text sent by a true neighbor who had found the dogs returned them to my house, and took a picture of the hole […]

Delight of Their Hearts

“You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. I counsel you to buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become rich; and white clothes to […]

A Good Work

About a decade ago I remember my brother wrestling with purpose. I remember him stating he didn’t want to simply be the shallow “sports” guy.  I’ve watched him systematically invest his life in raising millions for charity and volunteering his time to bless others, as well as influence many for […]

The Power of Blessing

I received an open letter to my family from a niece.  She is understandably in pain and longing for the same things that we all long for: acceptance, affirmation, love and support.  There is no shortage of pain in her life, a child of 14 abandoned to live with her grandparents then rejected and on her […]

Father’s Day

Father’s Day Father’s Day swirls with pipe smoke memories, the pungent menagerie of gasoline, and Aramis, and the turnstile of time revolves as I stand on the platform awaiting the unstoppable train.  Another child prepares to venture into the world, and I know, at best, they are clothed in hole-covered […]

Ask For More

From the Archives… While Pastor Jeff is on sabbatical, we will open the vault and take a look back into his past sermons, personal musings, leadership postings and Warrior Poet devotionals. Sermon Ask for More July 24, 2011 Do you see God as a “glass half-empty God?” Are you waiting […]

Pushing Forward

When I asked my dad how things were going, he said “I’m frustrated.” “Oh yea,” I said. “What’s the problem?” He went on to describe having gone to the Apple store and purchased a new computer and iPad. Now not only is he having to learn a new platform, but he […]

We’ve all been waited for

I said, “You guys go ahead, I’m done.” It was the week after the new campus launch and Leadership Summit and trying to ride my age was going to be tough enough, yet alone keeping up with guys who are fitter and faster. “I’ll stay with ya,” said one of […]


Java (my dog) and Earl (my cat) are friends. They enjoy playing with one another, which involves the dog lying on her side play biting as the cat paws and bites. This goes back and forth until the cat sprints off and the dog chases and they find another spot […]