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Choice Parts

“I know I said it would be ready today, but I’ve been busy and I didn’t get to it,” he said with confidence, as if that’s just the way it goes, “I should have it next week,” he continued in nonchalance.

“No, I’ll just take it today.  Like I said, I’m going on a trip and would need it today,” I attempted to say without disappointment or frustration, but I’m sure it was seeping into the conversation.

“Well, I can try to squeeze it in if you don’t mind waiting.”  Now, in a furry of inexactitude he worked on the rear derailleur of my bike, the clicking and clack of the final product a clear result of the hurry.

For 20 years I have met a weekly deadline somewhat equivalent to a board meeting or inaugural address.  For many years I had this twice a week and regardless of what was going on, a deadline is a deadline. Over time I learned that I had to prioritize the irreproachable parts of my day and give them these choice parts of my day so that I could consistently meet the deadline.

The procrastinators creed is “Why do today what can be done tomorrow?” and “If I never try, I never fail.”  These seem great in the moment but ultimately the tyranny of the urgent will distract and leave us missing the mark.  God demands our first and our best!  Are you giving Him the choice parts, the immovable part of your day with metronomic consistency?