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Otto VehleOtto Vehle was what my dad would refer to as a “churchman.”  It is hard to articulate the depth of the concept or the man, but they are undeniably rare.  Otto served my father as a loyal and devoted friend.  He would drive my father as part of his security detail during the days of death threats and T.V. frenzied fame.  He served the church in television production, in publishing, security and as a devoted evangelist in the ebb and flow of his daily life.

Otto would speak words of blessing upon you in your presence and never would his words ricochet into criticism in your absence.  Otto stayed loyal and faithful like one of David’s Mighty Men until the end.  His sense of devotion was pristine.  He would say, “I have had many preachers, but only one pastor.”  The last year of his life he sent my mom and dad a present that was directed to “the most influential couple in my life.”

Otto Vehle went to be with Jesus this week, he served his Savior diligently to the end, he will be missed, he was a churchman.

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  1. I wish we had more Otto’s in this world. He seemed like such a loving, devoted and Christian man.

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