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Daily Enforce Your Values

Look at your original list of your top ten values and rewrite them in order of their priority.  Make additions and eliminations as needed.  Once you have done that, take five values and establish your own working definition.  Add a “tag line” or a “catch phrase” to make it memorable.

Here are my values that I incorporate into my family life:

  1. Time – There is no substitute
  2. Responsibility – The high road is less traveled
  3. Unconditional Love – Love anyway
  4. Stewardship – You are not your own

At Grace Point Church, our mission to lead common people into uncommon life in Jesus is lived out through our stated values:

  1. Commitment – Show up surrendered!
  2. Ownership – Take it!
  3. Relationship – Mind the gap!
  4. Encouragement – Choose joy…give joy!

Develop a practice by which the value can be incorporated and reinforced

What are some ways you could daily incorporate your values into your life?