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Warrior Poet: Psalm 130:5

Psalm 130:5 I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope.

Dear Warrior Poet,

The power of hope is a tsunami in the soul. Hope is the spark that ignites the fire of revolution; it is the strength to carry on; it is the will to stand when knocked down. Hope is anchored in Jesus and the truth of His promises.

When we lose hope, we are trusting in something less and less powerful than the one who created and redeemed us. Hope is a wind that rises to fill the sail of our heart. Wait for it and be filled.

2 thoughts on “Warrior Poet: Psalm 130:5”

  1. And when It hits you, it is like being struck by a stone… yet a stone that wraps around you with a Warmth that cannot be denied… sinking in deeply, becoming your Rock, unto which you may Stand in Truth… no longer being carried and buffeted by the winds of the World; but Filled with Hope’s love one may Stand against the wind and tides that pull upon our consciousness… and press on, for ourselves yes, but greater still, for others, and greater still for He who gave us this wellspring, this Hope… Hope Himself; the Christ Jesus!

    Thank you pastor, and thank you for your new link and connectivity through e-mail!

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