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Dodging Bullets

The two 17 year olds sat across from me with their faces towards the floor. In my calmest voice I said, “The total bill is around $3,400.”  They each fidgeted in discomfort. I went on to say, “Now since both of you have exposure here we are going to split it $1,700 each, agreed?”

They nervously made eye contact mumbling out a terse, “Yes sir.”

In response, I said, “You can pay me $1,700 each over the next 6 months or I have another offer if you are interested?”  Again the awkward fidgeting half glances.  “The deal is you pay the $1,700 or you commit to 6 months of discipleship class every Monday night and I pay the bill. It’s up to you.” 

The boys look at each other and then my son said, “That sounds good.”  His friend chimed in cautiously, “Yeah, umm, the discipleship thing sounds good.  I’ve been meaning to get in church and all.” 

I tightened my tone in with more seriousness, “Every Monday, do the work; put your back into it.”

They joyfully said, “Yes sir.”

“Okay then it’s a deal,” I said.

As they walked out the door my son’s friend said, “Dude we dodged a major bullet!” And my son replied, “No, my dad just jumped in front of the bullet.”

The Father’s heart is to stretch us and to teach us; and sometimes lessons are hard and other times he takes hard lessons and lightens the load so we can see his goodness and grow in new ways. Gratitude and generosity of heart always apply the goodness that we have received from Christ to others.  Sometimes we go through life thinking we have had good luck by dodging bullets of adverse circumstance when the reality is someone jumped in front of the bullet.