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Embodying Your Purpose

As we close up our discussion of goals this week, we make the recognition that your perfect day, your ability to be fully engaged in reaching the destination set before you, flows from your purpose, values, and goals. In looking at that, we not only get a sense of our responsibility to the process but our need for accountability along the way.

Embodying Your Purpose

Identify your excuse, reason, hurdle, circumstance or obstacle that stands between you and your destination (purpose).  We each have road blocks we’ve allowed to justify non-progress.  Name them.

Read Philippians 4:12-13.  How is this passage connected to embodying and pursuing your  purpose?

Today flows from your purpose, values and goals.

Your perfect day may not be reached each day, but based upon your goals and your values, what should each day consist of?

Map out your perfect day.  What would it consist of?  How would it embody your purpose and values lived out?

Read 2 Corinthians 4:7-10.  Paul is writing this to a bunch of people on a mission encountering opposition.  He himself had endured prison, beatings and conflict in pursuit of his purpose.  How are these verses connected to embodying your purpose?

Today rises or falls on discipline and accountability.  You must come to realize the interdependence between accountability, discipline and success.

Read Hebrews 10:24-25This passage is written to a group of Christians who had grown complacent in the fundamentals.  Without accountability and resilient pursuit we all are inclined to drift away from the core things.

Who will hold you accountable to your goals and values?

Do they have access to the information?  (checkbook, scale, employer, spouse, etc.)

What does this accountability look like?  How regular?  Who initiates?

Is this accountability detailed based on your destination (purpose), resolution and goals?