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Failing Forward

I wasn’t a very good student in college.  I showed up for class because of the attendance policies but didn’t apply myself much beyond that.  In fact I had to go to summer school prior to the fall semester just to get in on academic probation.  Ironically, I was such a bad student when I was borrowing notes for a final I ended up having to go to a dance with the girl I was borrowing the notes from; it was a sort of barter/blackmail but I needed those notes.  At that dance I met my wife.  If I had been a better student and had my own notes I would not have borrowed/bartered or been blackmailed and likely things would be different.

That academic probation summer school indirectly is responsible for the Summer Intern that lives with me. His father and I are friends largely because I was not a very good student and had my mind on other things.  I can’t recommend this path, but I am suggesting that the tapestry of my life is the weaving of my failings and shortcomings into the beauty that only God can craft.  My inability is a testament to His Glory.

It is one thing to be super smart and make the grades and be winsome and charming with self-promoting prowess and appropriately point to God, but it is quite another to be average and unconcerned and watch God turn your life into something.  One is false humility that credits God out of propriety the other is failing forward, pointing to God out of amazement.