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They Get It

It was her first morning home from college, and as she entered the kitchen she stood over the sink and automatically began to do the dishes.

washing-dishes_aI said, “Hi Sweetie.”

“Hi Daddy,” was her reply.

“Thanks for doing the dishes.”

“Sure, no problem,” she responded.

In that moment there was a brief satisfaction of knowing that they get it over time.  I still daily remind the younger kids to ‘feed the dog’ or ‘take out the trash’ or ‘do the dishes’; and simply because I have living proof that over time it works and “they get it” – I don’t have the luxury of stopping to train the next generation.

The same is true with leadership.  You can put great systems and processes in place and can have significant success but unless replication takes place and the process keeps going “entropy” or “atrophy” of organizational muscle memory declines.  This is true in a family, business or team.  We can’t stop teaching the core truths and habits necessary for growth.  We can’t assume since someone got it then everyone else will see and follow. No, they must be taught and trained in the same way; there are no short cuts to growth and no short cuts to training sons, daughters, leaders or team members.