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Getting off the sideline

fantasy-football-emailWhen kids are little we let them try everything! They paint, play instruments, play dozens of sports, and they are involved in clubs and activities; all exposing them to things they might in fact have a talent or passion for.  In addition, the courses at school allow them to experiment with Science, Math, Language, and various electives; all elucidating hidden capacities and skills.

In the church, we offer a small bandwidth of service opportunities that barely scratch the surface of the myriad of gifts given by the Holy Spirit.  So what are we to do?  The Institutional Church can’t fix it, but it can lead the way to showing each individual the need to know their gifts and facilitate accountability and encouragement for the individual to use their gifts.

First, a simple assessment, that any Google search would reveal, will allow you to narrow down your top endowments.  Secondly, a conversation with someone who knows you well can affirm or dispel any confusion related to the results of your assessment.  Third, start trying out some opportunities to exercise those gifts.

Just like kids in school, or sports, it may take several tries before you find your niche.  The truth is, until we experiment with how God has wired us and begin to hone those skills, we remain dormant on the sideline of life.

Who is responsible for discovering and exercising your gifts?