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He has given me…

The great philosopher Sheryl Crow said, “I don’t have digital, I don’t have diddly-squat, it’s not about getting what you want, it’s wanting what you’ve got.”  Those sentiments echoed through my head this morning as I was pondering Father’s Day.

As a young man I ‘wished’ my dad was at ALL my games; he wasn’t.  I wished my dad was ‘around’ more because my love language is time; he wasn’t.  I wished we had a common interest like fishing or hunting or sports…we didn’t.

24045_396901396400_1833930_nBut I was a child and I didn’t understand what I had was far more than what I wanted.  I was given a man of irrevocable purpose and passion and a figure that stands in the face of darkness and shines.  I have been given a praise-giver and grace-giver, never doubting his incalculable pride in me and constant encouragement and support.

Looking back I wish not that he would have changed but that I had savored more of his powerful and purposeful presence even in his momentary absence, the richness of his generosity.  He has given me a foundation on which to stand a life of purpose, passion and pursuit; a life that is bigger than myself and gives permission to others to live the same.  Thanks Dad.

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  1. Your Dad did a great job and we at Gracepoint are all blessed to have you as our Pastor and an amazing leader and teacher.

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