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Goal Setting: The Momentum Process

The week before last we said that “growth is change”. This reality means that our goals, if they are to grow and improve, must be open to change.

The Momentum Process

Make goals increasingly dynamic.

  • Start with big goals.  Goals should be achievable but not without cost.  Don’t set your sights too low!  Your goals should require significant change as well as sacrifice.
  •  Start with ruthless incremental consistency.  This builds momentum.
  •  Expand upon arrival.  When a goal is reached, we must change the goal and expand upon it in order to fulfill our resolutions.

When a goal is fully submitted to the momentum process, the kinetic potential of the goal is unleashed. The leader holds dynamic goals and dynamic goals expand on the path to fulfilled resolutions.

“Leaders are not made in a day, they are made daily.”  John Maxwell