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Jail Break

My neighborhood webpage posted an alert discussing two dogs on the loose, complete with a picture of the culprits…that I readily recognized.  Soon after, I received a text sent by a true neighbor who had found the dogs returned them to my house, and took a picture of the hole in my fence.Jail Break_2

Jail Break_1The hole was created by the 100 lb. Boxweiler, who consistently patrols the fence line for any type of perceived compromised fence and then begins to, with brute force, bull his way through so that the smaller ‘boxer’ can join him on an escapade into the woods and surrounding neighborhood.

I always wonder why they would leave the shade of the yard with ample supply of water and food, toys and protection to venture out into the arid and dangerous beyond…especially when they know it is frowned upon. I often times ask myself the same thing when I have clearly crossed the fence line of God in my thought life or with words or actions.  How did I end up here?  Most of the time I can assuredly look over my shoulder and see the hole in my fence, the one of my own making. It is where I willfully bulled my way away from the shade, provision and protection of the Father into the dangerous and arid land of the beyond.  Hopefully you will have a good neighbor who can snap a photo and help you home.