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Jesus Wouldn’t Boycott Disney


Boycotting Disney again won’t change a thing! Beauty and the Beast is now portraying LeFou as “openly gay.” There are openly gay people around us all the time. One of my favorite restaurants has an openly gay waiter and according to the current logic, I guess I’m supposed to boycott the restaurant.

Newsflash: Christians lost the culture wars a long time ago! We want all our freedoms and our Christianity. We want no-fault divorce and strong marriages; we want strong immigration walls and to go fulfill the great commission; we want to limit young peoples’ access to contraception and have a world where abortion is illegal; we want to be pro-life and pro-death penalty. In short, we want a Christianity that is our image, not His.

Jesus wouldn’t boycott Disney. He would say: “I’m coming to your house today,” “Go and sin no more,” “Where are your accusers?” and “Come follow Me.” He would love them and offer them real love, real life.

I’m sick of Christians not representing Jesus, but rather a thinly-veiled, self-righteous version of themselves.

The Gospel is about cross-bearing daily! I see Jesus on the cross bearing my lust, gluttony, anger, judgment, and unforgiveness. As He takes on the weight of my sin I am freed only by His resurrected life. I’m not now freed to live some righteous version of my former life. I’m freed by living His life, in step with His Spirit, and by His power. My righteousness is judgmental and full of comparison; His is grace filled and gentle. My compassion is self-interested and self-congratulatory; His compassion is guttural and self-emptying.

When I want to praise Jesus in my suburban church where everyone looks like me, update my Facebook status without declaring my utter dependence upon Jesus, and then take the moral high ground by condemning Disney while justifying the garbage I take in everyday via TV or social media—I make the Gospel irrelevant. I am the nagging voice that is no longer heard…I am the boy crying wolf…I am a lamp that is hidden.

Everyone is in need of repentance on some level all the time. Preach the Gospel to yourself daily. Everyone around you is in the battle for their life, so encourage one another! When Jesus is our only answer, our only response, our only expression—then they will listen. Love one another; they will know you by your love.