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The Leadership Compass – The Call

The Call to lead is the fundamental foundation for all effective leadership.  A leader who doesn’t know he has been called to the particular task and location that he is leading is susceptible to burnout, lethargy or using that situation as a springboard to the next opportunity.

The Call to lead many times is the only thing that keeps you vigilant in pursuit of the purpose and destination.  There are times when you are in opposition or face complex circumstances and you feel like quitting, and your Call is what keeps you going.

Are you called to your present leadership position or location?  How are you sure?

Within the Call to lead, the issue of giftedness comes into play.  The question arises, “Am I effectively using and developing the gifts that I possess?”  If we know that we are called, then we must consistently determine if we are utilizing our gifts effectively.  This question will keep us honest.  Many times I see  ministers as well as business people who are working outside of their giftedness because they emerged as a “jack of all trades” early in the careers and now choose to micro manage out of a failure to develop robust self-leadership.  Also the trap of working outside of one’s giftedness has to do with success.  Many leaders succeed to the point of leisure.  How many successful businessmen retire early to spend their days in leisure?  What about mega-church pastors who leave the   pastorate to write?  What about faithful servants who reach their peak   earning years and now are hard to find?  These are all related to calling and    giftedness.  We should utilize our gifts in keeping with our calling.  The second aspect is that of developing one’s gifts.

What are the gifts you possess?

 Are you faithful to continue to grow and develop these gifts?

 How are you going about developing these gifts?