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Leadership Culture – Time Management

Self Leadership is painful at times.  Recognizing that for my team, organization, family or business to go beyond where they presently are requires my personal growth is at times intensely challenging.  You must examine the leadership culture in you.  That which you possess will largely sculpt the culture in which you’re a part.  An example is if you are typically late or procrastinate, the culture that you are creating is a culture that will disrespect the time of others, as well as your own.  Developing the Leadership Culture in you requires discipline and is necessary in many areas, but three are essential:  Time Management, Structure and Resources.  We will begin developing the leadership culture in you by looking at Time Management this week:

Self leading in the area of time is fundamental to successful leadership and creating a leadership culture.  Effective leaders efficiently use their time and are self-aware of their effectiveness.  A mentor challenged me on the effective use of my time.  He introduced me to the concept of “time blocks.”  The idea is to set the most important aspects of what you do in the most effective time slots in your life.  For instance, if you are highly energetic and sharp in the early mornings, then your high pay-off activities need to be engaged during those hours.  If you are sluggish in the afternoons, then that is when you schedule activities that require less of your emotional and mental sharpness.

What are your most effective times of day?

What are your high pay-off activities?

What adjustments do you need to make to prioritize those activities with your most effective times?