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Letting Go


Trapeze(a)The marvel of watching the trapeze is not just the graceful flying, spinning and fluid acrobatic orchestration, but the fact that it is all done high above the ground! Whether it is a circus act or a small child with gripped fingers poolside, the greatest challenge is in letting go.

After dropping our kids off at college my wife and I spent quiet hours in the car with moments of tears rolling down our cheeks. I have poised myself on a rock ledge with my tire facing the precipice and brakes pulled tight while heart thumping in my chest. Letting go is difficult because of the fear of loss, or harm or another unforeseen calamity.

The life of faith is all about letting go, because we know who is doing the catching on the other end of the trapeze. We know who holds the future…who works all to our good…who is the keeper of our souls.

Wisdom is both the knowledge that comes from experience, but also the intuition that comes from the Holy Spirit.  Wisdom listens, learns and follows.

“Wise Up” is the new sermon series, that begins tomorrow, and it is about letting go. Learning to trust God, follow his Spirit and trust that He has the catch!