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hank aaron

40 years ago Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s home run record by slugging #715 out of the park in Atlanta against the Dodgers. Amidst racial tension and death threats, “Hammering Hank” dominated baseball in an era devoid of steroids or cork amended bats.  We paused this week to remember the incredible feat; as well as, to consider Aaron as the true Home Run King in spite of Barry Bonds’ 2007 campaign marred and maligned by controversy and drugs.  Hank Aaron provided the world a mile marker of sorts; you see he was the last of the segregated Negro League players still in MLB and he broke the “Babe’s” once unreachable record.

My brother called me the day after and said, “You know what happened 40 years ago today?”

I said, “Hank Aaron broke the home run record?”

He said, “No, that was yesterday!  We were baptized forty years ago today, the day after Hank Aaron broke the record.”

We had a good laugh. It was just like my brother to remember one of his life events because it was tethered to a sporting event.  The reality is we need milestones to mark significant events in our lives.  Dates, times, events that commemorate something significant.  When we stop to remember we remind ourselves of who we are and what significant moment transpired.

I wonder what event will trigger a significant memory in our children and our children’s children.  Will it mark their walk with Jesus? Will it simply be a memory in a headline?  How can we create those milestones?