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Mission Trip?

“We have people from all over the world all around us. Why do we have to go on a mission trip?” she asked. It’s a great question, one I often get. There are two reasons, primarily, why we should go on a mission trip: comfort zone and scripture.

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”  Mark 16:15, NIV

First is scripture. He is clear in his command that we are to go to the ends of the earth to share the good news with others. This command is pretty simple. Secondly, when we get out of our comfort zone we become bolder, we become more faith-filled, our eyes are clear to see the hand of God at work, and we are filled with a greater confidence. A confidence that we can share the gospel the same way at home as we have been able to while on foreign soil.

Missions is not up for debate, it is a command. Being missional, however, is a mindset.