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Organizational Leadership Development

The idea of an org chart energizes some and deflates others, but knowing how the organization is structured determines communication, alignment, and overall effectiveness.

Leadership is influence and in this context it is competent leadership that is in the right place overseeing and ensuring the execution of a clear mission and strategy to the desired outcome. Leadership is entrusted with the healthy oversight of others.

Development both personal, and organizational is a commitment to growing and sharpening ones knowledge base and skills.  Development in the organizational leadership context is designed to not keep your tank topped off, but to be a refueling truck for those that are in your sphere of influence.

I mention these three individually because many organizations are segmented.  Individuals walk in with an org chart and yet it is full of management tiers where the term leadership really means individuals I have assigned the task of down-line management.  The organization is “organized” in a robotic and controlled fashion.  Sometimes the organization is well structured with leaders in place who have the freedom to oversee and lead, but those leaders don’t realize it is their job to not simply keep their tank full but to fill the tank of those in their sphere.  Again this may be an improvement to the static linear org that is devoid of autonomy, but in the end the result is the same.  The larger segment is not being carried along and developed.

Organizational Leadership Development means that the organizational structure is clear, that leaders are assigned and given freedom to lead and that development is taking place at all levels.  When this breaks down, at any level, the organization stumbles into dysfunction.

Who in your organization are you developing?  Are you developing them to a task or as a leader?  Don’t say both even though it might be technically true.  See it as if I develop them as a leader it will always apply to the task, but if I co-mingle the two they will only see it to the task; and then likely only function in the task and every hill I ask them to climb is not their development, but them fulfilling my ask for their job security.  It might be subtle in your mind but it is miles apart in theirs.