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Personal Purpose Statement

In previous weeks, I’ve challenged you to craft an obituary to determine where you want your life to end up. I have also shared my own obituary, my desired destination.

This week, using an excerpt from Leadership Forum, we can take those far-off dreams and rein them in to create a personal purpose statement and the resolutions that will be required to see it fulfilled.

Purpose Statement

I exist to…

It’s important for your purpose statement to be memorable and concise. Write your purpose statement in a single sentence.

Verbally communicating your purpose statement commits you. It makes it concrete. Share your purpose statement with someone important to you.

A value of your existence statement is that it prioritizes you, it obligates you and it will serve to hold you accountable. If we were sailing to Fiji from Houston we would know our destination and any coordinates that were not consistent with arriving at that destination would be clear. Should our compass reveal we are off course, we could make a course correction. If we didn’t have a specified destination, we wouldn’t know if we were off course. The difference between sailing and drifting has everything to do with your defined destination.

 Based on your Purpose Statement, are you on course?