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Blue, our new Boxweiler puppy, has typical separation anxiety when we put him in his kennel because we are leaving the house or going to bed. This anxiety leads to whimpering and ultimately a full on howl in discontent. If I relent and give in, the moment I open the door to his kennel, the howling ends and he is content to be near me or our other dog. He does not want to be alone and when he feels the separation, he cries out.

Amazingly from Adam and Eve right on down to today, the sin that creates separation in us can either cause shameful alienation, where we choose to bed down in our sin, run further into alienation or we begin to whimper and cry out because we sense the separation and we long for that proximity and intimacy once again.

Where are you on that spectrum? Does your sin cause you shame and alienation? Are you content with your proximity to God? Are you crying out for His presence, howling for intimacy and proximity? Which is most true of you?