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Leadership Forum book coverLeadership Forum: Developing Your Own Leadership Compass

Are leaders born or can they be taught?

From a biblical perspective, leaders are born, taught, and, most importantly, called. By virtue of the Great Commission, every believer is, on some level, responsible for leading.

Leadership Forum, by pastor Jeff Harris, D.Min., is a study guide to help you move from self leadership to more effective leadership of the teams you direct. During the nine lessons, you will learn the principles of foundational leadership to help you dial in your own leadership lens and fan all the way out to macro leadership across teams.

Warrior Poet Book CoverWarrior Poet Devotional

Warrior Poet is a weekly devotional by pastor Jeff Harris. Each entry begins with a verse of scripture followed by insights to evoke responses of worship, love, trust and obedience.


Grace Point Church, under Pastor Jeff Harris’ leadership is honored to have had her innovative practices have been noted in several books: