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Reflecting on 2013

This is my annual time of reflection on the year behind, as well as a preview of the year ahead. 2013 was filled with joy, challenge, victory and hope. We trusted God with unprecedented faith as we embarked upon West Campus; and as my thoughts move toward the New Year, I am aware that this year is likely the steepest climb to date.

I have not traveled this path before and so my mind is quickened by the unknown and yet my spirit is expectant and ready. Often when I am knocked down I retreat and it lessens my resolve to fight, but day by day I grow more vigilant in knowing my God has called me higher and has a great path for this community.

As I prepare my heart for the climb ahead I invite you to make one of your resolutions the unity and strength of this local church known as Grace Point. I would ask that you resolve to see her shine and advance into the darkness with the Light of Jesus.

I believe our best days, and yes our hardest days, are ahead of us and I believe they go hand in hand; and so let us not back down from adversity, but rather forge into the great darkness with grace upon our lips and a sword of truth in our hands.

May 2014 be remembered in Glory by the hosts who surround us and cheer.