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Selfie is the term used for taking a picture of oneself and posting it on one of many social media outlets for the public consumption and or private enjoyment by others.  The term is so popular due to the mass phenomenon that it is now a term you can find in the dictionary.

It is interesting, and not surprising, that people who grew up getting trophies even when they lost, or received a present at a birthday party even though it wasn’t their birthday, would now feel compelled to tell us every time they sneeze or their child learns a new syllable.  It seems a natural devolution that this same narcissistic compulsion would culminate in taking a picture of oneself in order to post to the world.  And it likewise seems appropriate to call it a “selfie”; self being the operative word.

I wince at the writing of this knowing it will be posted on my blog, Twitter and Facebook for public consumption; and that while I have not been given a trophy for losing nor do I regularly spam my friends with the trivialities of my kids childhood exploits, I in many ways have been swept up in the current of self-promotion.  If everyone’s voice is raised soon you must shout to be heard; and yet there is a sound louder than screaming and that is deafening silence.

We live in an age of shameless self-promotion and the next generation will know of no other world.  The digital age with its intrusive access and brazen self-marketing spin has us screaming digitally for importance and relevance all under the veil of staying connected.

I’m not sure what I’m saying only that I’m painfully aware that I now live in a world where the term “selfie” is a word we are all comfortable with, fluent with and complicit; and that I instinctively know it is a step away from the call to selflessness.

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  1. Humanism just about has our modern culture. Only Jesus Christ stands in its way. Only in Chist are we able to see beyond ourselves.

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