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Sermon: Church Optional

Watch Pastor Jeff Harris’ sermon from Sun., Dec. 29, 2013
“Holy Discontent: Church Optional”

Sermon Devotional
Q. Consider the ‘cruise ship or battleship’ analogy we talked through during today’s message. Share honestly about which image (cruise ship or battleship) best represents the way you interact with the church. Consider if the church is a battleship on a mission rather than a cruise ship we sail on for our comfort and pleasure – what specific things need to change in our own lives and in the ways we interact with the church?

Q. In today’s message we saw that being part of the local church isn’t optional for Christ followers. Rather it’s like a family, “It’s a covenantal commitment, a reality you can’t change, it just is.” How have you seen this be true in positive ways, in negative ways, and what God is asking you to do in order to foster good healthy “family” life in the church.

Q. If you’re not an active participating member of a local church, why not? What concerns are holding you back?

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