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Sermon: The Jesus Perspective

Watch Pastor Jeff Harris’ sermon from Sun., Dec. 1, 2013
“Unwrapping Christmas: The Jesus Perspective”

Sermon Devotional

Q. In today’s message we considered the difference between man-made traditions that happen during the Christmas season and the true meaning of Christmas. Consider the traditions your family celebrates and evaluate honestly to what degree each one focuses (or not) on the true meaning of Christmas. We all have room to grow in this, so no guilt or shame, just evaluate yourself honestly.

Q. Consider what it would look like to make each of your current Christmas traditions “subservient” to the true meaning of Christmas. How could you tweak existing traditions to make each one of them more Kingdom minded this year? What are a few simple and specific steps you can commit to in order to begin to foster Jesus’ perspective for Christmas more this year?

Q. What are your thoughts and response to Pastor Jeff’s challenges to (i) Identify one person to share your story of God’s grace with this Christmas, and (ii) the challenge to spend at least as much on Kingdom minded pursuits this year as you will on traditional Christmas gifts?

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