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Sit at your table

My son was sitting at the table preparing to eat dinner when his girlfriend walked through the door of our home to surprise him since he had been away for a few days. He greeted her warmly, and I asked if I could prepare her a plate. She accepted and I prepared a portion of a meal that I had made for my son.

My 18-year-old son and his girlfriend were now seated at the table and I was straightening up and doing dishes when he reached over, grabbed her hand and led them in a prayer of thanksgiving for their food. A sudden rush of emotion came over me as I watched my son live out spiritual leadership. He had picked up this value from our home, and it was something that was naturally flowing out of him.

Values are lived and rough-hewn out of the granite of our lives. They take time to plant and water and bear fruit after a long season of effort and toil. Values are passed along sometimes knowingly, other times unknowingly, but ultimately they are passed down – the good ones and the bad ones. Sooner or later, the values that you live come home and sit at your table.