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Synergy of Purpose and Values

Purpose tells us what we are going to do and values tell us the way in which we are going to go about fulfilling that purpose.

“The end does not justify the means!”

“The journey is as important as the destination.”

Let’s look at the following excerpt from Leadership Forum:

Say, for example, my destination (purpose) may be to drive my family to South Padre Island for a vacation.  If my values aren’t clearly stated, then going from point A to point B is what matters.  I can honk in the driveway, gripe that there it too much luggage, and refuse to stop for potty breaks.  If, however, I have a value of unity and family intimacy, then my values will affect my behavior.  The way in which I pursue the destination (purpose) will be affected by my values.

Do you see the difference between your purpose and your values?

How will your values affect your pursuit of the purpose of your life?

Next week we will look at the rewards of living out your values, as well as the cost of not living them out.