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Jeff's Blog_Pastor Appreciation

How to Appreciate Your Pastor

I’m a preacher’s kid and a friend of pastors. (I am a pastor also, so for this not to be self-serving, understand I am writing from my experience and not for my benefit.) I have seen the very best that ministry offers and I have seen the very worst pictures […]

Sermon: How Much is Enough?

Watch Teaching Pastor Kyle Burkholder’s sermon from Sun., September 28, 2014 “Q:  How Much is Enough?” https://vimeo.com/107443037 Sermon Devotional Money chases security, control, & prominence in a world that reveals us to be insecure, out of control, & insignificant. Are you living w/ownership in Kingdom or are you out to become the […]

He has given me…

The great philosopher Sheryl Crow said, “I don’t have digital, I don’t have diddly-squat, it’s not about getting what you want, it’s wanting what you’ve got.”  Those sentiments echoed through my head this morning as I was pondering Father’s Day. As a young man I ‘wished’ my dad was at […]