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Sermon: The Common Good

Watch Pastor Jeff Harris’ sermon from Sun., Mar. 23, 2014 “The Body Beautiful:  The Common Good” https://vimeo.com/89852126 Sermon Devotional Q.  We worship what we serve.  Are you unconsciously serving an idol? Q.  Your ‘gift mix’ is uniquely yours.  How are you using your unique gifts to serve the body? Q.  Who is better […]

Sermon: A Role To Play

Watch Associate Pastor Kyle Burkholder’s sermon from Sun., Mar. 16, 2014 “The Body Beautiful:  A Role to Play” http://vimeo.com/89242977 Sermon Devotional Q.  Are you a burden or a gift to the Body of Christ? Q.  He gave us each the fullness of a gift.  What will you do with your gift? […]

Sermon: The Sum is Equal to the Parts

Watch Pastor Jeff Harris’ sermon from Sun., Mar. 9, 2014 “The Body Beautiful:  The Sum is Equal to the Parts” https://vimeo.com/88592235 Sermon Devotional Q.  When you are in the presence of another this week, think Jesus.  Will you see it?  Will you catch the glimpse of Jesus in others? Q.  As […]

Sermon: From Here to There

Watch Pastor Jeff Harris’ sermon from Sun., Mar. 2, 2014 “Be Strong: From Here to There” https://vimeo.com/88004940 Sermon Devotional “9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 Q. What if you […]

Sermon: The Courage to Trust

Watch Pastor Jeff Harris’ sermon from Sun., Feb. 23, 2014 “Go Viral: The Courage to Trust” http://vimeo.com/87407984 Sermon Devotional Q.  Discipleship moves from investing in to entrusting with.  In Luke 9:1-5, Jesus gave the disciples the power and authority to proclaim the Kingdom of God.  Even in their fear of rejection […]

Sermon: Leave Your Net

Watch Pastor Jeff Harris’ sermon from Sun., Feb. 9, 2014 “Go Viral: Leave Your Net” https://vimeo.com/86260128 Sermon Devotional Q. Read Matthew 4:21-22  and reflect on what you heard in today’s sermon about these verses. What is the real significance of what Jesus is asking these men to leave behind? What do […]

Discipleship Tension

Every gathering that provides Biblical teaching is a powerful spiritual setting and is in no way insignificant. Teaching is a vital part of the discipleship vehicle, much like tires are to a car, without tires you are stuck.  However, tires alone do not make up a car though they are […]

Sermon: You Are What You Replicate

Watch Pastor Jeff Harris’ sermon from Sun., Feb. 2, 2014 “Go Viral: You Are What You Replicate” Sermon Devotional Q. Have you ever been intentionally/formally discipled? Have you ever intentionally/formally discipled anyone else? Q. You’re not a disciple until you’ve made a disciple; disciple-making should be a life long commitment of all […]

We should never accept a culture of shame

This last weekend my friend, Fareed Tulbah, had the opportunity to preach at Grace Point.  Fareed was run out of ministry about 5 years ago, an alcoholic that turned to a bottle rather than Jesus to cope with his own shortcomings and also the war zone that is church leadership. […]

Sermon: Gifts Not Given

Watch Pastor Jeff Harris’ sermon from Sun., Jan. 12, 2014 “Holy Discontent: Gifts Not Given” Sermon Devotional Q. Pastor Jeff shared with us today about how “God Math” doesn’t make sense, recounting the biblical truth that when we give back generously to the work of God with our financial resources God will bless […]