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The Pastor’s Dilemma

I purchased Eugene Peterson’s As Kingfishers Catch Fire right as I left for the mountains. Mid-break, the Internet blew up with news of a recent interview where Peterson commented on same-sex marriage and suggested he would perform one. The next day, amid a storm of contempt, threats of book banning, and […]

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Go Spurs Go!

As a Spurs fan, I admit I’m blinded by bias! I see the refs ignoring the fouls.  I concur with Pop that in Sunday’s game, Kawhi was targeted and that Golden State is the evil empire favored by the NBA elite. But, bias is blinding. Every time my mom hears […]


Fake News Is What We Require

Carl Bernstein, the famous reporter who exposed Nixon and the Watergate scandal, commented on the current climate of news, scandal, and culture: We have two problems at once. We don’t have enough institutions that are spending enough money on great reporting. And we don’t have enough people that are willing to […]

The Scripture

I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God that guides my beliefs and actions. Scripture declares it is the very Word of God! 2 Timothy 3:16-17 tells us that Scripture is the breath of God, or God-breathed. Jesus claimed Scripture to be true in John 17:17, and He […]

Sermon: Fighting Fair

Watch Associate Pastor Kyle Burkholder’s sermon from Sun., June 1st, 2014 “The Honeymoon is Over:  Fighting Fair” https://vimeo.com/97058400 Sermon Devotional When we fight WITH each other, we are enemies, divided. When we fight FOR each other we are advocates, united. The trouble with humanity is not that we fight. It is […]