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The Power of Aligning

It all started in a conference room as a group of pastors dreamt of what it would be like for the Church of San Antonio to be united! Believe was a simple experiment to see if aligning around a sermon series or study would help bring a sense of unity to area churches or the local Church.

I know for me personally as I meet each week with my neighbors – – none of whom attend Grace Point and some of whom I didn’t even know before – – I find that we do have a greater sense of unity and awareness of what God is doing in the city.

My pastors’ prayer group was launched out of this desire to unify the Church and those relationships have grown deeper. And for the first time in my ministry I’ve had the opportunity to swap “pulpits” as Kirk Freeman from Crossbridge Community Church spoke at Grace Point West campus and I spoke at Crossbridge Community Church.

The Believe study itself has been powerful, as we aligned around beliefs, practices and virtues.  I can’t believe it was 30 weeks ago and I’m not sure what the future holds in regards to the Church of San Antonio, but I’m excited and expectant. How about you?  Let me know.