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The Power of Blessing

I received an open letter to my family from a niece.  She is understandably in pain and longing for the same things that we all long for: acceptance, affirmation, love and support.  There is no shortage of pain in her life, a child of 14 abandoned to live with her grandparents then rejected and on her own.  She has a chip on her shoulder and is screaming out for attention, approval and acceptance.  She is bright, hardworking and at a stage of life where she is in between being a young adult and a mature adult.

We all deeply need to be loved, approved and accepted.  The power to bless is within each of us, and yet we let opportunities pass. We are uncomfortable with taking the time or dealing with the awkwardness of the eye contact necessary to seize the moment.  We fail to grab those in our midst by their ears and look deeply into their eyes and say what Jesus says: “You are loved, accepted, sought after and approved.” We often let “I love you” fill in the spaces, and yet it fails to bless.  We are the people designed to convey the love of Jesus to the world and represent His goodness and grace in a cauldron of community that is rich and thick in intimacy and grace. 

We fail because we lack the model in our own lives, and in our scarcity we are craving what we are designed to dispense.  If our children lack the deep sense of approval and acceptance when they leave our homes, because we are too busy or too insecure to convey it, then how can the world be blessed in our presence?  It is time we walk in a state of fullness that our homes might be deep in blessing and that the world in which we walk might be filled with the warmth from our souls.  The world is hungry for what we possess. If only we knew we had the power within us.

Therefore to this day the Israelites do not eat the tendon attached to the socket of the hip, because the socket of Jacob’s hip was touched near the tendon.   Genesis 32:32  


Dear Warrior Poet,

When you encounter the Lord, when He reveals Himself, when you struggle with the Lord to lay hold of His blessing and way in your life, you will never be the same. You have been given a new name and you have received an eternal blessing, but you must no longer walk in the same manner as you did before. It must become evident to all who know you that something has happened, that you have been changed.
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The Power of Blessing
Open Your Eyes
♦  You can’t receive your blessings until you see them.
You can’t see a blessing until it’s revealed.
You must see and receive in order to be a blessing!

Pass on the Blessing
♦  To pass on a blessing, you must cherish it!
What is your bowl of beans?
To pass on a blessing, it must be eternal.

 Fight for the Blessing
♦  If you want the blessing, you have to start by removing the garbage.
When we don’t give up when things get tough, God makes room in our lives to pour in His blessing.
In order to get the blessing, sometimes all you have to do is hold on.

The Flow of Blessing
♦  Gratitude is an attitude. Re-orient your life around cultivating gratitude however you can.
♦  God’s majesty is greater, higher, deeper, and wider than we can imagine.  
Step into the flow and reflect the glory of God. We are meant to glow from within!