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The President

Oval Office

We have a new President. This has happened numerous times over two centuries and yet it would be diminishing not to admit this presidency has our attention. I remember the fog of 9/11 and how the Bush presidency was forever changed. The same could be said of most of our leaders:  imagine Johnson without Vietnam, FDR without the Depression, or Truman without WWII. The times often define a presidency more than the President defines the times.

We live in an age of instant gratification and media frenzy. Each of us is a correspondent and editorial columnist. The upside is we have a voice; the downside is we are not trained or held accountable as to how we use it. I chose to be outside in nature on Inauguration Day. I also chose my news feeds from actual news sources rather than U.S. outlets that are primarily entertainment sources.

Ultimately, I attempt to let Jesus shape my worldview and interpretation of events. I’m not surprised by the presidency. I’m not afraid. I am not hopeful in political solutions. But, I am at peace.

We are not going back as a nation. Time moves in linear locomotive force and is unmoved by our plight. Like a river to the sea, this world is flowing toward a very precise clearly visible crescendo. As I watch the world protest or gloat in relation to the presidency, I am unmoved.  My eyes are fixed on the Author of the story: the One whose very words sustain the world, the One who allows kings to rise, the One who softens or hardens the hearts of leaders and the One who shapes the time and the times. He stands outside of time, seated in power, ready and able to shape your now, as well as the times you live in.

Wherever you stand this side of the inauguration of a new President, I hope you have peace and faith in the only One who provides peace, now and forever.