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Towards a Destination: Goals and Resolutions

This week we shift from values to goal setting. Once we know where we want to go (our destination) and the characteristics with which we aim to get there (values), we can begin to think strategy.

Effort, Time and Energy

The momentum required to succeed takes an incredible amount of effort, time and energy.  Jesus ministered for three years under duress and difficult circumstances.  His ultimate goal was our salvation, but He had several other  incremental goals:  to preach the kingdom, call the disciples and establish the church.  These incremental goals were prerequisites or stage-setting to accomplish his overall purpose.  You must have specific goals in order to arrive at your destination.

Fulfilling Your Resolutions Through Goals

Resolutions are the obvious criteria for you to successfully reach your destination.  You can see them from here!  Goals are strategic processes implemented to achieve and pursue the resolution.  Since the resolution is relationship to the destination (purpose), it is timeless.  Goals are related to the pursuit of the resolution.  They should change as they are achieved.

Goals are a strategic tool used to achieve and pursue the resolutions that lead to your destination.  If the resolution is physical fitness then a goal may be to run two miles, four days a week in twenty minutes.  The resolution stays the same but the goal will change as it is achieved or re-evaluated.  It is a superimposed strategic tool to help assist you in getting to your destination. When you radically change your life towards the goal you make your way towards your destination (fulfilling your purpose).

Evaluate your current life process.  What does it look like day to day?  Do you presently have any goals you are pursuing?

How do you set goals?  How do you know if you have good goals that will get you to your resolutions?