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The Values Disconnect

We should value what God values.  Where there are disconnects we should strive God-ward.  As Christ followers, it is essential that our values be Godly values.  There are numerous values in scripture, and it is important that the values we develop be consistent with those of God.  Value is worship.  Worship actually means to ascribe worth to someone or something.  When our values are Godly values, then we are actually worshipping because we are ascribing worth to what God says is valuable.    (excerpt from Leadership Forum)

On your list of personal values, from a few weeks ago, which (if any) are not consistent with God’s values?

What values do you want to exemplify but do not currently?

What value will you have the hardest time living out?

What accountability can you put in place in order to live out this value?  What does that look like?