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West campus – the best use of resources?

Grace Point West coming soon signI was recently asked about West Campus and our venture into a multi-site as well as the Our Turn campaign and raising money for such a project.  It was a fair question about the cost of launching another site and the best use of resources for God’s Kingdom.

As I talked with the inquisitor, I couldn’t answer all the questions to his satisfaction, but I asked some questions of my own.  Where are the most unreached people in our city?  Where is the greatest need?  Who is attacking that need?  What better investment than a vibrant local church?  What more important endeavor can you honestly give your resources to and be certain of an eternal return?

I’m somewhat passionate about this to be sure, but I’m also perplexed by the cynicism and pessimism of launching a burning arrow into the darkness.  I appeal to every Grace Pointer to ask themselves the question: “Am I committed to advancing God’s Kingdom?  Am I committed to West Campus?”

I can’t think of a better place to invest our lives.