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We’ve all been waited for

I said, “You guys go ahead, I’m done.” It was the week after the new campus launch and Leadership Summit and trying to ride my age was going to be tough enough, yet alone keeping up with guys who are fitter and faster.

“I’ll stay with ya,” said one of my friends.

“I thought I had dibs on that,” said another.

Then a gentle hand pressed in on my back and said, “We’ve all been waited for, just ride your ride.”

The pride of not wanting someone to wait or ‘carry’ is simply to ignore the fact that every one of us is in need of being carried on some level all the time and ultimately the Gospel message of Grace is that we ‘can’t’.  My self-reliance is so slow to die and though I want to gut it out on my own I have friends who stay beside me, one that stays closer than a brother.