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A Solitary Place

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Jesus’ habit was to seek quietude—stillness, peacefulness, calmness—and He found it in solitary places. For me, a solitary place is not easily found these days. In recent weeks—with our house on the market and in somewhat of a transition and with my office in major post-fire transition—I have found it very difficult to find my quiet and solitary place.

I wake up early and the dog shakes his flapping ears signaling he wants to eat or go out. The cat finds me to vehemently tell me he wants in or wants fresh water. Each morning, the ritual is the same. Where can I find quiet stillness before the Lord?

When I was a young man my dad told me to have a plan and a place. That advice has served me well. But, as things tended to unravel, I found I had less of a plan and now I am somewhat displaced.

The early morning sauna of San Antonio is uninviting during the summer months and the 4×4 space in my garage is now full of boxes. The reality is that these are excuses I allow myself. The inconvenience of not having a quiet place being near and easy only reveals my lack of devotion and determination. In my expectation of a quick and easy time with God, I’ve grown complacent and have become soft.

I’ve become more aware of my great need to go back to the basics: a plan and a place. I want a simple plan that isn’t tied to an electronic device. Whether it’s reading through the Bible, a Proverb a day, or a systematic study workbook, I benefit from having the structure that I once thought I had grown beyond. And, I’m looking for the place. Quietude doesn’t happen organically in our world and it is not easily found. It is a battle that requires resolve.

I’d love to hear where you find your solitary place.