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An Open Letter to My Son


Recently, I was asked by a friend about my family; and as I ran through each child, I got to you and began to choke up as I started the run down about this being your senior year, etc.… It dawned on me, in that moment, that this was all happening way too fast. My heart is torn because you have been raised to launch out on your own, to disdain being 25 and living at home in my basement (if I had one) playing video games. I raised you to be confident, work hard, pay your way, give your best, love deeply, serve diligently, love Jesus and others like Jesus, respect women and seek to love one woman completely. I taught you to care for the hurting, live for something bigger than yourself, do your best, sacrifice for those you love and even those who don’t love you in the name of Jesus.

The thing is, my heart is now torn because everything I have taught you launches you like a fiery arrow into the darkness of this world. Everything you have learned, and that which you now value, leads to a path of footsteps leaving my home in the pursuit of your own life, home and future. My heart rejoices and aches simultaneously; because in the recesses of my heart, there is a longing that you would stay, that you would live in the basement and hug me each day. That we would recount the good and the bad of your day and share a meal; but that can never happen, and that is precisely the reason I hurt: because the type of man you raise, that you want never to leave, is the man who does.

With great confidence I can say, “this is my Son, in whom I’m well pleased.” I don’t charge you to go and make a difference, but simply be who you are loudly in this world and that will be the difference.