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We Turn a Blind Eye

Sex Trafficking is a broad umbrella from young girls snatched from the suburbs of San Antonio, drugged and enslaved in prostitution, to immigrant women, who have indebted themselves to an organization to provide “massages” until their price of transport and documentation has been “paid” off.  The reality is it is all around us all the time, and we turn a blind eye.

There are times when a restaurant that has a massage parlor two doors down is often owned by the same organization; we have a meal at one while being naively blind to the other.  The sad truth is that with great frequency the indentured servitude taking place two doors down is financed by our patronage.

The supply and demand economy is equally fueled by pornography and television.  Many episodes, in some of our popular shows, glorify the call girl or strip club. We have grown so numb that we don’t see ourselves as complicit in enslaving a woman into a life of drugs, poverty, and abuse.  Yes, I’m sure some women do this willingly, and for substantial money, and yet they only foster the destruction of the other women who are indentured, drugged, and enslaved.

Compassion begins by caring for the person around us and doing our part.  It is time for us to get informed, get angry (righteous anger), and take action.  We need to be careful in our shopping, by watching who we support.  Sex Trafficking is all around us, and we are blindly supporting it and funding it. Blind ignorance is not an excuse, only a factor.