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Developing Resolutions

Over the last month, we’ve crafted an obituary and shown how that can be made into a purpose statement to guide our days. Today, using an excerpt from Leadership Forum, we dig a bit deeper to develop resolutions, those pathways that will help ensure we arrive at our desired destinations.

Developing Resolutions

A helpful tool to keep you on course and ensure your arrival at your envisioned destination is a resolution. A resolution answers the question, “What must I do in order to arrive at the destination?”  A resolution is a pathway. Based upon your purpose statement, there will emerge clear areas of your life that must receive special attention in order for you to arrive at your destination. For instance, if your purpose statement says, “I exist to love my family, etc…” then a compatible resolution would be, “then I must spend time with my family.”  While this is a simple example, it demonstrates the relationship between a resolution and your purpose statement.

Resolutions are the main ingredients in your leadership recipe. On the way to your destination, you can see certain mile markers. These are your resolutions.

Resolutions are different from goals. Resolutions are life-long while goals are dynamic, changing over time. Resolutions are related to purpose and are fixed points that are clear at all times. Resolutions should be few.  In order to fulfill my purpose, I will…

Resolutions will expand as you do, but they do not change in principle. For example, when my kids are grown and have families of their own, I would expand my resolution to my role as a grandparent, but the principle of being a spiritual leader to my family is still retained.


I exist to… Therefore, I must…