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Leadershipisanart_cover225In Max DePree’s book, “Leadership is an Art,” he talks about giants and creating space and the need for organizations to create space for these giant’s to grow.  At Grace Point I have had the joy of watching Wesley King take the space to develop Global Leadership Summit and eventually grow to become a regional promoter for Willow Creek.  I have watched Mike Sharrow have the very same role, which required networking amongst Christian businesses in San Antonio, to eventually birth a C12 franchise here; and now influence the city and it’s business leaders.

As Shane Patrick heads to Seattle, I think of the space allotted to launch Identity Groups as well as to commit an entire year to the “Story” and alignment studies, such as “Radical.”  Additionally, Shane was allowing a large amount of time to be spent towards doctoral studies and funding towards these studies, which eventually lead to Mars Hill pursuing interest in him.

I think of Jamye Cappadonna, a mother of 5, working part-time in the Children’s ministry being given the freedom to grow into an Executive Pastor; or a Ryan Brown volunteering with no experience and in one short year overseeing our Youth ministry.  These are the stories of legend where people with great capacity are given the freedom to grow and express their dreams, giftedness and talents untethered and unfettered by a box role or narrow view of their calling and capacities.

Giants need space to grow and the freedom to stretch and I for one am grateful for the context in which we are allowed to thrive.

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  1. I admire and am sometimes envious of these people who can accomplish so much. I feel they have been given these strengths by God. Having a very sharp mind is a major blessing and requirement to achieve all they have done. Gracepoint is so fortunate to have them as part of our leaders.

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