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Goal Setting: The Mapping Process

Goal setting is a process. It is part recipe and part art-form. Over the next four weeks, we’ll discuss the four fundamental processes for making (and achieving) great goals.

The Mapping Process

Make the relationship between your goals and resolutions visible.

Resolutions “I exist to…Therefore I will…”

Goals “I will get there by…”

  • Each goal has definable, measurable, time-oriented outcome:  how will we know if this goal is effective?

Example:  I will run two miles under twenty minutes, four times a week to increase cardio strength, loose ten pounds and lower cholesterol 30 points within four months.

  • Each goal has a specific process:  how will this goal be implemented?

 Example:  I will run four days week primarily at 7:30am weekdays on a neighborhood trail.  I will use a treadmill on rainy days.

Often the hardest part of achieving your goals is simply mapping them out. Remember that goals need to be SMARTY to be effective. Once you’ve mapped out your goals, we can begin to master them.

Make SMARTY Goals:  specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-oriented, and yours.